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    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel – effective pre-cooling system for industrial cooling units


    How does it work?

    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panels Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” are installed before the condenser of air conditioning and cooling unit. The temperature of air passing through the panel is reduced because warm air is cooled by water mist created before air conditioning and cooling facilities (a special liquid spray technology Smart release technology is used, which allows you to spray water into tiny droplets).

    Upon contact with warm air, some water evaporates. As a result, there is an exchange of energy and the temperature is lowered. Thus, the temperature of air entering the cooling and conditioning unit becomes considerably lower (average of 10 – 20°C), which allows the unit to consume significantly less power to provide the necessary temperature. The power consumption lowers and the lifetime of air conditioning and cooling units extends.

    To further lower the temperature of the air entering the cooling and conditioning unit the special membranes are used which reflects sun rays. Thus, condenser of the unit are protected.

    Product components

    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” consists of the following components:

    Adiabatic (evaporative) panel components

    • The pumping station
    • Panels with reflective membranes
    • Water-spraying system
    • Water treatment system
    • Control Panel – which provides automatic startup of the system at a certain temperature.

    Compatibility with air conditioning systems of various manufacturers

    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” can be installed on air conditioning and cooling units of any manufacturer. A special technology allows you in the shortest possible period of time (one day) to prepare a solution for air conditioning systems of almost any manufacturer and capacity. Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy operates completely independently of the technological processes of air conditioning systems. It only cools the incoming air, allowing the air conditioning system to consume less energy and produce more cooling capacity. Efficiency in hot weather is therefore increased.

    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy was installed on the air conditioning systems of the leading manufacturers including: YORK, LENNOX, DAIKIN, Airwell, McQuay, RHOSS, TRANE and Carrier.

    Adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” is recommended by service – companies maintaining air conditioning and cooling units.

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    Saving energy

    Each manufacturer of air conditioning and cooling units provides a calculation of efficiency of their facilities. It specifies what cooling power (KW/h) is provided by the unit at a specific temperature of the air entering the system. The higher inlet air temperature is, the higher the power consumption for the necessary cooling capacity.

    The average decrease of air temperature by 1°C improves the efficiency of air conditioning and cooling units by 1.8%. That is, you need by 1.8% less energy to achieve a desired temperature.

    Due to the use of the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy Smart cooling, the temperature of the air entering air conditioning and cooling units drops by an average of 10 – 20°C. The result is energy savings of up to 30%. View a specific example of how energy saving is possible here (Schneider Electric).

    Payback period (ROI)

    Taking into account the energy savings during the use of the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™”, the panel installation cost pays off for 4-9 months of operation.

    It should be also taken into account that if the air conditioning and cooling unit is for a long time working at maximum capacity, or condenser are poured with water to cool the incoming air, then over time, there will be a deterioration of compressors and plaque on the condenser. As a result, the efficiency of the system substantially decreases. Performed calculations show that with this approach (working at maximum capacity, pouring with water) the air conditioning and cooling unit loses on average up to 12 – 18% of its efficiency per year. So, for example, the manufacturer YORK points out that because of the build-up of plaque on the condenser, air conditioning and cooling systems lose up to 30-40% of their cooling capacity.

    It should be appreciated that if you pour air conditioning and cooling units with water, plaque build-up problems begin after the second season of using this method. Given this fact, the effect of the use of the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” becomes even more important, because it provides a significant reduction in operating costs of air conditioning and cooling units and extends its lifetime. For maximum savings, you should install the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™” in advance.

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    How to make sure that it really works

    We offer several ways to verify the effectiveness of our technology:

    Reviews from of our customers. If necessary, we also offer direct contact.

    – See the photos where the temperature of the air coming in to the conditioning and cooling unit is displayed before and after the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy “Smart cooling™”.

    – Get familiar with the principle of operation of the system by viewing the video.

    – Read the results of scientific studies that confirm the effectiveness of the system.

    – See how Facebook is using this technology for the units that cool its data centre.

    How quickly can it be installed?

    Installation of the adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel Blue Energy Smart cooling is performed quickly – during the course of one day. If the problem of the lack of capacity of air conditioning and cooling is expected in the near future or is relevant at the time, you already have a prompt solution.


    Replacement of biochemistry (pills) should be performed once a month, to maintain your product. This procedure takes less than five minutes. It can be done both by a service company and a trained staff member.



    The adiabatic, evaporative cooling panel “Smart cooling™” is warranted for 36 months from purchase.

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    • Scientific researches proving efficiency of product

      Here You can read several scientific researches about adiabatic cooling possibilities, obtained results using this effective method.

      Hong Kong Polytechnic University Study on Application of Water Mist Pre-Cooling on Air-Cooled Chillers.

      Colorado Springs Utilities Whitepaper on Pre-cooling

    • Look here, how Facebook uses this technology for its data center cooling purposes

    • Our customer reviews and case studies

      global_partnerSchneieder Electric logo

      Products ensured for Lexel factory
      Results: Energy consumption reduced by 31%, cooling capacity raised by 22%
      ROI = 7 month

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      Products ensured for Philip Morris factory, Intertaba, Italy
      Results: Energy consumption reduced by 37%, cooling capacity raised by 35%
      ROI = 5 month

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