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Blue Energy International, LLC was founded by the CEO Janis Jakovlevs in 2010. Together with HVAC professionals with over 20 years in business the idea was born to make a new Generation Adiabatic Evaporative cooling panels for the 21st century, as climate has changed over the years and weather is getting warmer and warmer.

They took the study from Rand Corporation from 1972 that Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling technology is the technology for the future. Decades ago there was no need for these systems as electricity consumption and price for it was relatively low compared it to nowadays.

Today, more than ever humanity is looking for energy efficiency in whatever field they are working in.  As a solution we offer the newest technology for evaporative cooling in the industry and we do believe that we are one of the greatest companies in this field with our adiabatic pre cooling systems.

Scientifically proved by the Latvian State University we can prove the whole world – when there is a need for adiabatic pre cooling system – all you need to know is the name of Blue Energy International.


Leading manufacturers approve this technology:

  • daikin
  • lennox
  • airwell
  • carrier
  • logo_guntner
  • quay
  • rhoss
  • trane
  • york
  • logo_al


We operate by the following criteria for our product development:

  1. Product should ensure substantial efficiency in technological process where it is used;
  2. Product is eco-friendly;
  3. Renewable energy resources are used wherever possible;
  4. Use of our products must ensure quick investment return (ROI) to our customers.
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  • innavotion
  • Technology approved by all leading manufacturers:

    york trane rhoss quay logo_guntner logo_al daikin carrier airwell lennox

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  • Our customer reviews and case studies

    global_partnerSchneieder Electric logo

    Products ensured for Lexel factory
    Results: Energy consumption reduced by 31%, cooling capacity raised by 22%
    ROI = 7 month

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    Products ensured for Philip Morris factory, Intertaba, Italy
    Results: Energy consumption reduced by 37%, cooling capacity raised by 35%
    ROI = 5 month

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  • Contacts

    Chief Development Officer: Rolands Millers
    Cell Phone: +371 264 888 22
    E-mail:  rolands@blue-energy.lv
    Blue Energy International, LLC
    Ogre, LV5001

    Официальный представитель в России и странах СНГ
    Дмитрий Янковец   +7 916 739 0505
    Official representative in Russia and CIS countries
    Jankovecs Dmitrijs   +7 916 739 0505
    Официальный представитель в станах Ближнего Востока и Северной Африки
    Марк Гершевич       +7 916 357 5255
    Official representative in the camps of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
    Mark Gershevich     + 7 916 357 5255

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